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VOM News and Prayer Update: October 10

October 11, 2006

“The LORD is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation.
He is my God, and I will praise Him, my father’s God, and I will exalt Him.”
(Exodus 15:2)

Iranian House Churches Request Prayer – VOM sources
Iranian house-church contacts have asked for prayer for the following:

  • A satellite radio program is directed toward reaching those under 30, pray for fruit.
  • Growing underground churches; ninety-five percent of the members are under age 30.
  • Safety and support for pastors
  • Underground churches strengthened in God’s Word and safe places to meet
  • Seminars and training for house-church leaders and servants
  • An Iranian family currently facing persecution

Pray God will be glorified in every person and situation. Psalm 47:8
Christian Girl Kidnapped by Muslims Escapes – Compass Direct
An Egyptian Christian teenager escaped her Muslim kidnappers last week hours after they had drugged her on a public bus. They threatened to rape her and convert her to Islam if her family did not leave their Nile Delta city of El-Mahala el-Kobra. Laurence Wagih Emil, 15, escaped the ground-floor room where she was being held in Cairo’s southern Helwan suburb at 10 p.m. last Tuesday (October 3) while her captors were away breaking their Ramadan fast. Her father, Wagih Emil, had received several threatening text messages from his daughter’s mobile phone. “Take the rest of your daughters and leave the city, or you will lose them one by one,” said one. “The girl is not accepting easily, but she will embrace Islam for sure.” Before family members recovered her, State Security Investigation officials interviewing Laurence Emil told her she would never see her parents again unless she reported a false story denying the kidnapping. The kidnapping of Christian teenage girls in Muslim nations has reached into the thousands. Pray for VOM’s safe houses where Christian teenage girls, who have been threatened with or have escaped from abduction, can learn job skills and receive spiritual training. Psalm 143:9

Christian Dragged from Bus and Stabbed – VOM sources/
Religious tension continues to escalate on the island of Sulawesi where armed Muslim militants blockaded a road in Poso on October 1st and stopped a bus. They forced five passengers from the bus and stabbed an unidentified Christian man. Police arrived before there were any further injuries. The victim was admitted to a hospital with serious injuries to his back. The same day a mob also burned a partially constructed church building on the island. It is believed these attacks may be attempts by militant Muslim factions to further stir up religious tension between the Muslim and Christian communities. Pray the Holy Spirit will strengthen Indonesian Christians to be loving witnesses as they walk humbly with their God. Micah 6:8

Churches Attacked Following Pope’s Comments – VOM sources/
On September 24th, two churches were attacked by militants. First, a bomb was detonated beneath a car belonging to the priest of the Assyrian Orthodox Church of St. Mary in Baghdad. Shortly after, another blast occurred in the vicinity, killing a church security guard and wounding several others. On the same day, about 80 gun shots struck the Chaldean Church of the Holy Spirit in Mosul and two days later the same church was bombarded by rockets. After Pope Benedict’s comments about Islam, Christians have endured increased violence at the hands of Muslims. Pray God will grow His church in Iraq in spite of all opposition. Luke 1:37

Pastor Ambushed by Hindu Mob – VOM sources/
Pastor Bhadikar Barshi was on his way to conduct a regular service at his house in the Barshi area of Solapur district in Maharashtra state on July 5th, when two youths approached him. Asking him to join them in a prayer for a friend who had been suffering from a sickness over the past 15 years, the young men walked alongside the pastor for some time until a Hindu mob ambushed him. He was violently struck with wooden clubs all over his body and received a deep gash on his right eye. After hospital treatment, including stitches on his forehead, he was released and remains faithful to his ministry. Give thanks to God, asking Him to strengthen this faithful servant who is following his Master. Luke 9:23, 24

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