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How Long are we

August 17, 2006

going to allow the government to take over our decisions:

Restrictions already ban smoking in licensed day-care centers. Now the smoking ban extends to a less-formal baby-sitter arrangement in some one’s home, so long as a sitter is getting paid, even if the care is for just one child.article

And it gets better:

Ossiander tried to delete the baby-sitter provision, with vocal support from Paul Bauer. They said it would be impossible to enforce and it’s up to a parent to decide not to put their child in a smoker’s care. Ossiander’s amendment failed.

“What level of secondhand smoke is acceptable for children?” Traini said. “None.”

So what’s next spanking hurts your child, so what are we no longer do that, own a gun not with children around. After all you can’t be trusted to make the right choice for you children. And don’t even think about raising your children to be Christians, because that would make them closed minded bigots.

If you read the whole article the Anchorage Assembly passed a law that would ban smoking in bars. I really didn’t have a problem since I no longer go to bars. My wife tried to say some people don’t have a choice of were they are going to work, I just don’t buy that. How far are we going to let government decide for us. Look at this quote.

During the debate Tuesday night, Ossiander at one point rattled off a long list of high risk jobs, like commercial fishing, or jobs where employees are exposed to toxins, like dry cleaners.

“I don’t believe government can make every job completely safe,” she said.

Allan Tesche, in his first Assembly meeting since emergency heart surgery in May, said it was cynical to say the Assembly can’t make all work places safer.

“If we pass this ordinance, we are going to make work places safer,” Tesche said just before the final vote. “That we can’t do a perfect job is no excuse.”

But this one takes the cake:

“This government will not let people die on their own when we can take a simple regulatory measure and say you can’t smoke indoors, take it outside,” Tesche said. “That is exactly what government should be doing.”

You see I as a grown adult can no longer decide what is safe. Boy where wore these guys when I decided to join the military has a firefighter. Maybe they are right it’s not safe defending this country, not to mention running into burning building. I shouldn’t have been allowed to make them dangerous decisions.

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