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Science for the Soul

March 15, 2006

Scientific Evidence of Human Souls
By Kevin T. Favero

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OK, let me start by stating that I’ve enjoyed this book immensely. I found it to be a very thought provoking look at the theories surrounding the soul and free will. Mr. Favero does a splendid job of taking a topic that is very complex and breaking it down so that the everyday lay person will understand it. Some very difficult topics have been handled, quantum mechanics, biology and that horrible of all topics math.

With that being said I’m sorry to say that I found very little new evidence for a human soul. However I think the author did well at taking existing theories and explaining the holes and lack of “common sense” there is in current science. He also points out that with out free will there would be no soul. It is this premise in which the bulk of the book focuses on.

While I was semi disappointed in the content of this book, I was very pleased with how the author explains himself and the various theories out there today. Kevin Favero has a gift for taking the extremely complex subjects in this book and breaking them down so the lay person understands them. I honestly believe that both scientist and your average Joe (like myself), will find this book enjoyable.

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