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The Bible or the Axe

September 15, 2005

By William O. Levi as told by A.F. Chai

I’ll admit that when I finished reading this book, I realized it was not about what I thought it was going to be about. I thought this book was going to be about the persecution of Christians in Sudan. While this book does indeed deal with the awful treatment of south Sudan Christians by Islamic Jihadists, the heart of this book is how God delivered William Levi out of this harsh, cruel environment and used him for a greater purpose in the furthering of His kingdom.

The book starts out giving a very short but detailed history of Christianity in Africa. From there we learn that while William was a little over a year old his family decides to leave their homeland and become refugees in the Uganda wilderness. It is not until years later that William is able to return to his homeland in order to pursue his education.

As William continues his desire to receive an education things become increasing harder, until ultimately they seem impossible. Yet it when things look their worst that God begins to unveil his plan, as this book progresses things do not get any easier and at times they seem almost desperate. But God is faithful, and we quickly learn how God uses these hard, dark times to shape William so that His will can be done.

I know this has almost become a catch phrase, but this book truly touched me. I find it amazing how even though Mr. Levi is at times harshly treated, he never becomes bitter or angry toward his enemies. I have already written a little about this here.

To see how God ends up using William O. Levi please check out Operation Nehemiah. And for more reviews go to Mind and Media, who supplied me this book as a gift for reviewing it, and read what others are saying.

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