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Total Depravity

February 27, 2005

This is my two cents for Flannel’s Bible study blog stye:

This is for those people like me that need to look these things up 😉

Total Depravity

The corruption that entered the human race in that moment corrupted us body, soul, and spirit. Thus enters the concept of Total Depravity, wherein due to the corruption of sin, man has a tendency to sin all other things being equal. This seems to bear out when I look out at the world. It doesn’t mean that all people are psychotic madmen, it just means that people tend to not do the right thing. Just get out in rush hour traffic to test this theory

I think we can see the effect of sin on the world very easily. I believe the further we get away from God the more sin effects everything around us. There is more sickness and death around us then I can remember. Not to mention the fact there seem to be more perverts and just plain sick people out there then I can remember (this may just be the fact that the number of people on earth today and that we now have 24hr news)

Now as far as rather man chose to sin. I believe so. We have to look no farther than Romans:

3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

5:12 So then, just as sin entered the world through one man and death through sin, and so death spread to all people13 because14 all sinned— 5:13 for before the law was given,15 sin was in the world, but there is no accounting for sin16 when there is no law. 5:14 Yet death reigned from Adam until Moses even over those who did not sin in the same way that Adam (who is a type17 of the coming one) transgressed.18

For an example take children. When they are raised without any form of discipline (which seems to be the norm now of days) what happens, they become unruly and in some cases down right evil.

Now for what I feel is the biggest problems we face today:

1. Is the acceptance of sin as the norm, we now have acceptable forms of murder, and you can now do just about anything you want as long as it doesn’t “hurt” anyone or thing.
2. It’s never your fault if you do hurt someone, it is always someone or something’s fault.

The true problem today is we have gotten so far form God and His will for our lives that the line between good and evil has become fainter and fainter.

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