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Goodbye Cooper, Hello Pepsi?

December 3, 2009

With the passing of a good friend God sometimes provide a new companion.

Cooper we will miss you greatly, you were a good a loyal freind.

But thankfully God has provied a new pet for the Disney family to spoil.

Pepsi is a puppy that we have chosen to become a foster family for.

If everything works out Pepsi we become a permanent part of our family.

I can’t figure out is wrong with the formating but it is bed time


Find One, Build One blog tour

March 2, 2009
What He Must Be

What He Must Be

Voddie Baucham has written a book that griped my attention right off, the book is titled What He Must Be… If He wants to Marry my Daughter and since I have a daughter, and two sons for that matter, I indeed wanted to know what to look for in a husband for her while at the same time raising my sons to be Godly husbands.

I want to thank Crossway books for allowing me to be involved in this blog tour. Over the next couple of days I will be posting excerpts along with discussion questions to see what others think.  It is also my pleasure to announce that I am able to give away two copies of this book if you would like receive one of these copies email me at with your name and mailing address be the first two to respond and I will send you a copy.

Here is today excerpt:

Imagine a family who did not prepare their children for college. This would be unthinkable in today’s world. Everyone prepares their child for an academic future. Day-care programs boast about the head start they will give children in their “academic careers.” We buy houses in neighborhoods with “the best schools.” Beyond that, many families place their children in expensive preparatory schools, enduring tremendous financial burdens, incurring debt, and commuting hours each day in an effort to give their children an edge in that all-important race for the apex of academia.

However, little thought is given to preparing our sons to be husbands. Thus, they meander through life without the skills or mind-set necessary to play this most important role until one day, having met “the one,” they pop the question, set a date, and-in the rarest of cases-go to the pastor to learn everything they need to know about being the priest, prophet, provider, and protector of a household in four one-hour sessions. In the words of that great theologian Dr. Phil, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

As a result, we have families led by men who haven’t the foggiest idea what their role is or how to carry it out. We have wives who were created with a God-given need to be led by godly men, a curse from the days in the garden that puts them at odds with this arrangement, and a cultural mandate to fight against male headship. Top this off with children who long for the security that can only be found in clear roles and boundaries in the home, and the result is a frustrated family mired in dysfunction. Sound familiar?

If we have any desire to change this, we must begin to prepare young men to be husbands and fathers. We must stop preparing them for lives of selfishness, immediate gratification, and perpetual adolescence if we ever expect to turn the tide. The skills required of a husband and father take a lifetime to acquire. Our sons must begin to acquire them sooner rather than later. If we prepare our children to be husbands and wives, and God calls and equips them to be single, we have lost nothing. On the other hand, if we do not prepare our children to be husbands and wives, and they (like the overwhelming majority of people) end up married someday, we have lost a great deal. Prudence would point toward the necessity to prepare our children for marriage, and to do so with all diligence.

From What He Must Be: If He Wants to Marry My Daughter by Voddie Baucham ©2009, 42-44. Used by permission of Crossway Books, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers, Wheaton, Il 60187,

And today’s questions:

What He Must Be is built on the premise that fathers have a God-given responsibility to see to it that their daughters marry well and that their sons become worthy husbands. What does it mean to prepare a son or a daughter for marriage? Is this really a fundamental duty of parents?

A pretty, cultured sort of evangelism

February 20, 2009

(Legh Richmond, “Domestic Portraiture” January 6, 1825)

For the most part, we are a nation of Christians by profession–and a nation of heathens in practice. There is to be found in the religious world–what may be termed–a pretty, cultured sort of evangelism, which too well combines luxurious ease, and serving of the world, and the flesh–not to say of the devil also. But such kind of religion will not prepare the soul for sickness, death, and eternity. At best, it will leave the soul a prey to the most fearful delusions of false peace. The way that leads to eternal life is much more narrow than many of our modern professors are aware of–the gate is too straight to allow all their trifling, and self-will, and worldliness, and carnal-mindedness, to press through it.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14

HT:  Grace Gems

How you share your faith is important

February 20, 2009

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more about “Freed from Homosexuality on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod

If you don’t think how you speak about God then listen to how this young man thought he was saved at the age of 6.

Christ in the Passover

February 9, 2009

A saving ‘coming to Christ’

February 9, 2009

(Arthur Pink, “The Call of Christ”)

“Come unto Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden–and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

What did our Lord here signify, when He bade all the weary and heavy laden to come unto Him?

It is quite evident that coming to Christ is something more than a physical act. Coming to Christ in the sense He here invited, is a going out of the soul after Him, a desire for Him, a seeking after Him, a personal embracing of and trusting in Him. It is the heart turning from the love of sin–to the love of holiness; from SELF–to the Savior!

A saving coming to Christ denotes a turning our backs upon the world–and turning our hearts unto Him as our only Hope and Portion. It is the abandoning of every idol–and the surrendering of ourselves to His Lordship. It is the repudiation of our own righteousness and every dependency, and the heart going out to Him in loving submission and trustful confidence. It is the entire going out of SELF with all its resolutions and performances, to cast ourselves upon His grace and mercy. It is the will yielding itself up to His authority to be molded by Him, and to follow Him wherever He may lead.

In short, coming to Christ is the whole soul of a guilty and self-condemned sinner–turning unto a whole Christ, in the exercise of all our facilities, responding to His claims upon us, prepared to unreservedly trust, sincerely love, and devotedly serve Him.

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Which is the clearer Gospel presentation?

February 7, 2009

Is this emergent gobblty goop the true life saving Gospel?

Now compare the above to this:

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